To refine and meet the increasing demand of refined petroleum products, satisfying our immediate environment with available resources and relations base on community development Strategy


Ikwe-Onna Refinery is part of the team, solving today’s problem and anticipating providing the best quality refining services to all concerned and further developing an industrial park that will convert all products of hydrocarbon.



(Ikwe-Onna Refinery Limited) is starting with a modular refinery located at Ikwe community, Onna Local Government Area (LGA) of Akwa Ibom State, with a starting production capacity of 10,000 barrels per day (BPD) and a future expansion plans to about 20,000 BPD and above. A total of 50.1 hectares of land have been earmarked for the purpose of the refinery project.

Akwa Ibom State being one of the major oil producing States in Nigeria, has vast number of oil wells and as such Ikwe-Onna Refinery Limited shall take advantage of the numerous crude oil wells, even within and around Ikwe community to source supply from the closest oil well to it as to engender efficient and cost effective means of transporting the raw material to its refinery.

Schematic diagram and picture of a typical modular refinery



The refining technology adopted for the Ikwe-Onna Refinery, is the very simple and well known “fractioning by heating” method. The technology of Crude Oil fractioning consists of splitting of hydrocarbons of different boiling points, division and separation of raw materials into fractions by heating with the subsequent condensation of vapours.

The Ikwe-Onna petroleum refinery modules shall be assembled and erected on site with the commissioning, testing and start-up of the plant all performed by specialized personnel. There shall also be training of local staff and various schemes of progressive administration performed. Also a reputable local contractor shall be engaged and be required to in compliance with local regulations; perform the service to obtain all local permits to carry out the civil construction (site preparation, foundations, water, sewage, pipeline, mechanical and electrical connections; and to provide skilled labour for the erection of the refinery).